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Come take my hand... 

Let's enter the faerie realm together... 

Amber Dewaele by Daan Verstrepen 

On the edge of a big forest, overgrown by a botanical jungle and subject to the laws of time and change, hides the most beautiful of cabins. Even the makers of “Cabin Porn” couldn’t retrace this muse’s steps through the wilderness and find her solitudinous Nirvana. A space to root and a space to get lost...



She didn't choose her name. Her name chose her. Amber... The colour of her eyes. And her beautiful golden glow. And after all this time still his favourite colour... His forever. She had never been easy to describe. A celestial body not able to capture. Just like her eyes, the hue always seemed to change, depending on what she was wearing and the type of lighting she was in. And the bag she was carrying... But one thing was sure: when he was with her he always was in the realm of dreams...

Wandering the woods of her imagination they would always find something she didn't know she was looking for. As if along the way she had planted seeds... And she didn't know... Until she saw... her tears were the water needed for her flowers to grow... And she let nature do the rest of the work.... The result? A mystical world, built on all beauty in it enhanced by its flaws. 


Her heart was a secret garden and the way was long. She would know it had been there all along. Along the way. Waiting to be discovered.  

Smelling the wild air, she smiled, and she whispered to him: "Take my hand... Let's enter the faerie realm together..."


Jungle muses: Amber Dewaele, Daan Verstrepen

Photographer: Daan Verstrepen 

Text/creative direction/styling: Babette Debouver



 insta @seethrough_thelabel

© See through, 2018