See through the lens of Kellie Mastwijk: nature & vintage nudes

While autumn is settling in along European coastlines, Australian summer is only about to kick in… See through the lens of our muse Kellie Mastwijk carrying her favorite Isla Bag and her anklet along the Peninsula with some of our favorite sustainable beach brands.

An eye for beauty and a beauty for the eye… Kellie Mastwijk is currently working as a full time model-scout and photographer for her own model agency. Her natural aesthetic and soulful vibe has grasped the eye of many conscious brands. We had the pleasure to ask her a little about her work and lifestyle. Get carried away into the realm of dreams and desolate faraway beaches.


Tell us a little about yourself and your creative endeavours?

I’ve been a graphic artist for in the fashion industry for most of my working life, branching out into photography about 7 years ago, and now fashion photography is how I spend most of my days, even when I’m technically not working!

Where do you catch inspiration?

Inspiration mostly comes from vintage nudes and nature... The curves of the female form and how they sit perfectly within the landscape around me.

You started your own model agency; I’m curious, what do you look for in the people you cast?

At the moment, I’m enjoying working with our First Nations Peoples (Aboriginal) learning about their way of life and photographing their unique looks. I don’t necessarily look for mainstream beauty, I look for a face that has character or tells a story different to those already being told.


What’s in your See through bag?

- My See through anklet. It only comes off when I’m in the water because I’d be devastated if I lost it!

- My body oil... Handmade goodness...

- A kini

- Some vintage specs, my vintage Leica camera!!

- Stripe shorties, I live in these!

- Hand woven straw hat

- My Mediterranean beach towel


How would you describe your style?

My style... coastal comfort above all else. Soft natural fibres and colours with that ‘pre-loved, lived-in’, vintage feel.

Fave summer outfit?

I just bought a few made to order dresses in organic Mexican cotton. So comfy in the heat.


    What does ‘Slow life’ mean to you. How do you try to implement it this fast paced world we live in?

    I very much live in the slow lane. We live at the top of Australia in a remote city within the Tropics called Darwin. It’s very hot, especially now we are heading into the wet season, the climate itself forces us all to be more mindful of our day to day movements. As we move into the off-season lots of businesses close and people rest and take time for themselves, their families and their hobbies. Lots of swimming, painting, fishing, ceramics.

    How are you implementing sustainability into your daily life/travels?

    Hmm well I’d like to think that by choosing the lifestyle we have - a quiet, slow, modest life, we are as sustainable as possible. We’re careful of our consumption, mindful of the origins of the products we consume. We almost always eat local organic produce.


    Favorite spot in Australia?

    Rainbow Beach, glittery water, big waves, pure shores.

    Dream destination abroad?

    Seychelles... those beaches! Wow!


    Giving makes the world go round!

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